Complaints and appeals



If you would like to withdraw your complaint, you may withdraw at any time
Please familiarise yourself with the following conditions
  • Timeframe for Withdrawals: A complaint that is made may be withdrawn at any time, without any reason
    Serious Complaints: If a complaint is of a serious nature which may affect other people or affect the reputation of CVC, the complaint will continue to be dealt with by CVC on its own accord


If you would like to appeal a decision made in relation to a complaint, or any disciplinary sanctions that have been imposed, you should appeal immediately
Please familiarise yourself with the following conditions
  • Timeframe for Lodgement: An appeal must be lodged within seven (7) days of receiving a decision
  • Timeframe Extension: An appeal lodged after seven (7) days of receiving a decision must provide reasons for an exemption, however the decision to allow, or not allow, an appeal outside this period will be at the sole discretion of Creadaptic
  • Grounds of Appeal: An appeal may only be lodged if it is believed that there is either a denial of procedural fairness, unjust or unreasonable disciplinary measures have been imposed, or a decision or outcome was not supported by information or evidence presented and available to CVC
  • Handling Appeals: Creadaptic will be solely responsible for handling appeals
  • Fabricated, Frivolous or Vexatious: Appeals found to have been deliberately fabricated, frivolous or vexatious may result in disciplinary action
    Decisions: Creadaptic will issue a final and binding decision within thirty one (31) days after receiving an appeal
    Publication of Decisions: All decisions issued by Creadaptic will be published for transparency, consistency in decision-making and record-keeping purposes, unless the appeal involves a minor, in which case anonymity will be observed


To learn more about the processes and procedures around complaints, withdrawals and appeals, please refer to our Protection Policy.