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Established in 2022 and located in Brisbane’s Southern Suburbs, Creadaptic Volleyball Club (CVC) is a diverse club with a particular passion for learning and success, and that believes in supporting the professional and personal development of each and every club member.

CVC is unlike most volleyball clubs. In 2022, Creadaptic extended its mission to champion everyday people to become the best version of themselves through health and fitness by establishing CVC and fostering the game of volleyball within the local community. As CVC's governing body, Creadaptic steadfastly supports the club and serves as an instrumental guiding force.

'Creadaptic' sounds weird, so why the name?

Creadaptic was the best of three worlds; Creed, Readapt and Athletic. We have adopted a creed that emphasises the need to continuously readapt to your surroundings and push yourself beyond your limits to achieve your unrealised potential.

Be Relentless In Your Pursuit. Have Relentless Execution.

Our roots go back as early as 2020 from a little study desk in Tanah Merah, Australia. This is where an aspiring lawyer in his second year of university discovered his passion in life. Having played volleyball throughout his high school years, encouraged by his close friend, Zac Hawkes, to hit the gym, and joining the Australian Army Reserves, the bedrock of both Creadaptic and Creadaptic Volleyball Club was slowly being formed.

Now, inspired by his own love of health and fitness and volleyball, Ahmed Ibrahim became obsessed with providing the community with the opportunity to take part in volleyball and experience it for the great game that it is; the tournaments you'll take part in, the jersey you'll wear and the community you'll surround yourself with. It was here that Creadaptic Volleyball Club was born.

Our club prides itself on fostering a vibrant tapestry of players who come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Regardless of our differences, we share a common goal—to excel in this dynamic sport and to build strong connections with one another through our shared love for the game.

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OUR Vision

To become the most dominant, sustainable, member-loved volleyball club in Queensland


To bring inspiration, innovation and creativity to our members and the sport of volleyball in Queensland and awaken and nurture the unrealised potential of volleyball athletes

OUR Values

CVC core values include:
       • Embrace the Challenge
        • Be Seen, Be Heard
        • Build with Humility and Integrity
        • Win as a Team
        • Dream Big and Execute
        • Adopt an Ownership Mentality
These values are the essence of our identity and are embodied in everything we do.